Where Is Halfway Oregon?

What is there to do in Halfway Oregon?

Things to Do Near Halfway, Oregon

  • Hells Canyon. This stunning national park runs along the borders of Idaho and Oregon and is known as the deepest river gorge in North America.
  • National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.
  • Wallowa Lake State Park.

What county is halfway Oregon in?

Halfway is a city in Baker County, Oregon, United States. The city took its name from the location of its post office, on the Alexander Stalker ranch, halfway between Pine and Jim Town.

What is the elevation of Halfway Oregon?

Halfway, elevation 2,651 feet, is nestled into what folks here call a “snowcatch” beneath Bear Wallow Ridge.

Is it halfway or half way?

to half the distance; to midpoint: The rope reaches only halfway. almost; nearly; just about: He halfway surrendered to their demands. midway, as between two places or points.

What’s the zip code for Halfway Oregon?


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