Readers ask: Where Is Boring Oregon?

How far is Portland from Boring?

How far is it from Boring to Portland? It is 16 miles from Boring to Portland. It is approximately 20.9 miles to drive.

How did boring or get its name?

Boring was named after William H Boring, an early resident of the area and former Union soldier in the American Civil War. Dull’s name is thought to have come from the Gaelic word for meadow, but others have speculated it could be connected to the Gaelic word “dul” meaning snare.

What is the elevation of boring or?

Boring is considered part of the Portland metropolitan area, located approximately 12 miles (19 km) southeast of the Portland city limits, and 16 miles (26 km) from downtown Portland. Boring’s landscape is hilly, with its elevation ranging between 548 feet (167 m) and 755 feet (230 m).

What is the zip code for boring Oregon?

Clackamas County

Is living in Oregon depressing?

1 state in average number of depression cases. LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Oregon ranks as the number one state with the highest rates of depression, according to a new report which also ranks Oregon as middle of the road for access to mental health care.

Is Oregon a real place?

Oregon became the 33rd state of the U.S. on February 14, 1859. Today, with 4 million people over 98,000 square miles (250,000 km2), Oregon is the ninth largest and 27th most populous U.S. state. The capital, Salem, is the second-most populous city in Oregon, with 169,798 residents.

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Is there a town called dull?

Dull, Scotland Dull is a small town located 75 miles north of Glasgow and home to around 85 people. Despite its name, this Highlands region is home to some of Scotland’s most breath-taking scenery.

Is Damascus in Multnomah County?

Geography. Damascus sits 712 feet (217 m) above sea-level. Located in north-central part of Clackamas County, the former city’s northern boundary was the Multnomah County line. Boring lies to the east, and Clackamas to the west.

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