Question: Where To Buy Myrtlewood In Oregon?

Where can you find Myrtlewood?

Oregon-myrtle(Umbellularia californica) grows along the Pacific Coast from Douglas County, Oregon, to San Diego, California, in the Coast and Klamath mountains and along the west slope of the Sierra Nevada.

Is Myrtlewood native to Oregon?

Oregon Myrtlewood is a broadleaf evergreen native to Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California. It grows prolifically in this coastal region. The Umpqua River watershed appears to be the northern boundary of its native habitat.

Is Myrtlewood a hardwood?

It is a hardwood which takes many finishes well. Oregon Myrtlewood possesses a wide variety of beautiful colors and grain patterns and is noted by many as being one of the world’s most beautiful woods. The colors range from blond to black with many shades of honey, browns, grays, reds and greens in between.

What is myrtle burl?

Myrtle Burl is primarily found in the Western United States. It is commonly known as Acacia, Californian Laurel, Californian Olive, Mountain Laurel and Bay Tree. It is also known as Pepperwood, Spice Tree and Pacific Myrtle.

How do I know myrtlewood?

Walk around the tree and look for a spreading shrubby tree with multiple trunks. The bark is greenish to reddish brown. Inspect the leaves; myrtlewood produces glossy leaves that are narrow and pointed and remain on the tree all year long.

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Are laurels native to Oregon?

Native Laurel Growing wild in mixed evergreen forests, it likes more than 30 inches of rainfall a year. It grows naturally in Washington, Clackamas and Marion counties south and west of the Portland metropolitan area and in Coos, Curry, Douglas, Josephine and Jackson counties in southwest Oregon.

Can California bay leaves be used in cooking?

Uses of California Bay Leaves Best for slow cooking dishes. Add to chowders, tomato based dishes, stews, and pickling brines. Remove whole leaves before serving.

How hard is Myrtlewood?

Otherwise, the wood is fairly stable. Myrtle is considerably weaker than oak. The strength (MOR) of myrtle is 8000 psi, the stiffness (MOE) is 0.95 million psi, and hardness is 1270 pounds.

How do I care for Myrtlewood?

We hope you enjoy your beautiful Myrtlewood products. To take care of oil finished kitchen items, wash in warm soapy water and dry with cloth. Do not allow item to stand in water — no dishwasher or microwave. Occasionally rub mineral oil into the wood to keep it from drying out and to restore its luster.

What does the myrtle tree represent in the Bible?

The references in Isaiah (Isaiah 41:19 and 55:13) refer to the divine establishment of the people in the land in subjection to Jehovah. As an evergreen, fragrant shrub associated with watercourses, the myrtle is a fitting symbol of the recovery and establishment of God’s promises.

What is myrtlewood lumber?

MYRTLE WOOD Myrtle is a treasure from the coastal forests of the American Northwest. It has a cream colored sapwood transitioning into heartwood that can range from tan to olive to gold, often with black steaks following the grain. The most desired pieces can be covered with fiddleback and/or burl figure.

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Is Myrtlewood good for guitars?

The Myrtlewood Story. As Breedlove has discovered, the species— specifically Oregon Myrtlewood, virtually from Bend’s backyard—makes an excellent choice for guitars, even an inspiring one, with a sound as unique and identifiable as a fingerprint.

Is Myrtle wood rare?

Because this timber is both rare and stunningly beautiful, it is used only rarely in the construction of acoustic guitars. Typically, instruments created using myrtlewood are expensive “one-offs,” built to order.

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