FAQ: Where To Buy Oregon State Park Pass?

Where can I buy a National Park Pass in Oregon?

One-year ($30) and two-year ($50) parking passes are available online, by phone at (800) 551-6949 with a Visa or MasterCard, from state park offices and from other vendors all over the state. Daily parking permits ($5) are available at every day-use park that charges a fee.

Is there a senior pass for Oregon State Parks?

These passes cover the pass owner as well as the passengers that accompany the owner in a single non-commercial vehicle. Enhanced and discounted versions of the Interagency Annual Pass ( the America The Beautiful pass ) are available for senior citizens (62+) and for persons who are blind or permanently disabled.

Where can I buy a Portland National Park Pass?

Where to buy one: From select vendors on the coast, including state parks, BLM and U.S. Forest Service headquarters, or by phone at 800-551-6949. Where it’s accepted: The five Portland-area parks managed by Metro: Oxbow and Blue Lake regional parks, Broughton Beach, Chinook Landing Marine Park and M.

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Where can I buy an Oregon Sno Park permit?

Permits are sold online at www.oregondmv.com/dmv2u and by permit agents at various resorts, sporting goods stores and other retail outlets. Sales agents may charge an additional service fee for each permit they sell. Due to COVID-19, Sno-Park permits are not available at DMV offices this season.

Does my National Park Pass work for state parks?

Unfortunately, no, the America the Beautiful Pass does not cover access or admission to state parks. State parks are not administered by the National Park Service, so they aren’t covered by the national parks pass.

How much does it cost to camp in Oregon state parks?

Many state parks offer camping areas for campers hiking or bicycling into the park (without motor vehicle support). An overnight stay is $7 – $8 per person and the maximum stay is 3 consecutive days in a 7-day period, per campground (except for Harris Beach State Park, which allows 3 days in a 14-day period).

What is the difference between Golden Age Passport and senior pass?

The Senior Pass replaces the Golden Age Passport. This is a lifetime pass for US citizens or permanent residents age 62 or over. The pass provides access to, and use of, Federal recreation sites that charge an entrance or standard amenity fee. This pass replaces the Golden Access Passport.

Do seniors get into national parks for free?

Four annual Senior Passes purchased in prior years can be traded in for a lifetime pass. Additionally, access to the majority of National Park Service sites remains free —only 108 of more than 400 National Park Service sites have an entrance fee.

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How much is a Oregon state park pass?

Learn how to create your own. Purchase a 12-month parking permit for $30, or a 24-month parking permit for $50 online at the Park Store, from most major state park offices, or from vendors all over the state.

Do I need a pass to hike in Oregon?

of the PCT in Oregon is open for hiking, with no permit requirements. You can get on the trail and generally go as near or far as you like. A few wilderness areas ask entrants to collect a free, self-issue permit. These are typically found at kiosks at wilderness boundaries and major trailheads.

What pass do I need for Smith Rock?

Day-use visitor hours are from dawn to dusk. Dogs are allowed, on a leash. A $5 day use permit or a current state park camp receipt available from the self service pay stations is needed for each vehicle. A yearly permit is $30, two-year permits are $50, and both are available at the Welcome Center and online.

Can I use a Discover Pass in Oregon?

The Northwest Forest Pass allows access to U.S. Forest Service sites in Washington and Oregon where a day use fee is required. The Discover Pass is exclusively for access to Washington State Parks only.

Do you need a sno-park permit in Oregon?

Oregon’s Sno–Park Program helps provide parking at many of your favorite winter recreation areas. You must have a valid Sno–Park permit displayed near the lower left corner of the windshield of your vehicle if you park in a designated winter recreation parking area (Sno–Park) between November 1 and April 30.

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How do you get a sno-park pass?

Sno-Park permits are available beginning November 1 through April 30 either online or by purchasing it from one of many permit vendors, including various retail locations; Washington State Parks region offices; Lake Easton, Lake Wenatchee, Mount Spokane, and Fields Spring state parks; Washington State Parks

Can you park overnight in Oregon snow parks?

Overnight parking, including in-vehicle camping is allowed except where noted or signed at SNO-PARK sites. Tent camping or sleeping outside a vehicle in the parking area is prohibited at all SNO-PARK sites. Do not build campfires on paved areas. Do not litter SNO-PARK sites.

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