FAQ: How To Hunt Blacktail Deer In Oregon?

How do you hunt Blacktail in Oregon?

Hunting strategies When rifle hunting blacktails, there are two common methods: using your binoculars to search clear cuts for bedded or feeding deer and slowly hiking along animal trails in the timber. While I use both methods, my preferred tactic is stalking game trails.

Where do you find Blacktail Deer?

Black-tailed deer live from the alpine to temperate rainforest and are often found in clearings caused from forest fires or logging. Columbian black-tailed deer are confined to the islands of the Pacific northwest and the western slopes of the Coast mountain range.

What is the best time to hunt Blacktail?

Time of Year: Blacktail deer can be hunted in most areas from early fall to mid-winter. However, if you plan on bringing home a trophy black-tailed buck, it is best to start scouting in the months of July and early August. By observing their pre season habits, you are more likely to track one down during open season.

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Where can I hunt Columbia Blacktail Deer?

Mendocino County is the top spot, with Clear Lake and Lake Mendocino among the prime starting points. Blacktail units in northern California continue opening throughout August and into September. California’s big-game application deadline is July 2, and blacktail hunters must apply for specific units and zones.

Are mule deer and blacktail the same?

So the blacktail and mule deer are the same species, but the mulie is a subspecies of the blacktail, and they are both close cousins to the whitetail.

Is blacktail deer good to eat?

In general, blacktail and whitetail seem better but mulies that have been feeding from grain, alfalfa, and corn fields early in the season are good. Late season mulies in the sage and bitter brush seem gamiest. How the meat is cared for rules the taste more than anything.

What is the world record blacktail deer?

The world record typical Sitka black-tail deer was taken at Juskatla, British Columbia, in 1970 by Peter Bond scoring 133 0/8”. The world record non-typical Sitka black-tail deer was taken on Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska in 1987 by William Steele scoring 134 0/8”.

How rare is a black deer?

Melanistic deer have been reported from 29 states, but they are never common. In one region of Texas, Texas Tech University found that melanistic deer make up about 8.5 percent of the population, by far the biggest concentration of these animals known.

How do you call a Blacktail buck?

Ideally, you want to call with a partner, as probably 90 percent of bucks will come straight in, but then circle 25-50 yards downwind. If you place the shooter 30 yards or so downwind of the caller, they will often get a shot while the buck remains focused on where he heard the call.

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Where do blacktail deer go during the day?

Mid-day watering holes During extremely hot days, blacktail bucks will often retreat back into the woods to bed down before sunup. Sometime during the day they will often emerge from a bedding area and go to a nearby watering hole.

How do you hunt Blacktail in the rut?

Hunting the rut You can leverage deer calling tactics such as rattling antlers (to simulate two bucks fighting over a doe), doe and/or fawn bleat calls (which can bring in a testosterone-crazed buck), and the use of scent lures to attract bucks cruising and scent-checking doe trail networks and bedding areas.

How big do Blacktail bucks get?

When their tails are raised, they are large and white, similar to a whitetail deer. You are most likely to see blacktail deer at your transition zones on the forest edge, or in open meadows at dawn and dusk. Adult blacktail deer bucks can weigh up to 200 pounds and females grow to about 130 pounds.

What eats a black tailed deer?

Primary predators include black bears, coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions. Blacktail deer can live up to ten years in the wild but seldom make it past six years of age. Blacktail deer rut in November and early December.

Are black tailed deer mule deer?

Two forms of black-tailed deer or blacktail deer that occupy coastal woodlands in the Pacific Northwest of North America are subspecies of the mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus). They have sometimes been treated as a species, but virtually all recent authorities maintain they are subspecies.

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How old do black tailed deer live?

In the wild male black tailed deer live on average to the age of 8 years old. The female black tailed deer live on average to the age of 16 years old. The oldest female black tailed deer found in the wild was 20 years old.

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